It is Compulsory for all girls to wear the prescribed school uniform. Students who do not confirm to the dress regulations given below will not be permitted to attend classes and may also be sent home.

For Winter (Daily Classes)
1. Green Army patched shirt
2. Beige full pant
3. White Socks.
4. Black leather shoes with velcro strap
For Summer (Daily Classes)
1. Green Army patched shirt
2. Beige Trousers
3. Green army style Jersey
4. Green Army Patched Jacket/Single brasted Blazer with college crest.
5. Green Socks
For P.T. and Sports
1. White T-shirt with Single Breast pocket (in Summer)
2. White long sleeved T-shirt with breast pocket (in Winter)
3. White Trouser /Lower
4. White Socks
5. White P.T. Shoes


  • a. Irregular attendance, Unjustified or Unexplanned absence, habitual late coming, Disobedience Objectionable behavior of any kind may result in the removal of a girl from the school.
  • b. School property will fully damaged or destroyed will be required to be made good. in additional heavy fine may also be imposed.
  • c. Drop off and pickup: Parents are required to escort their wards till the main gate to ensure security.


  • 1. Students who come late will not be allowed to attend the school that day.
  • 2. Students must be regular and punctual in attendance.
  • 3. No leave of absence will be granted during the term, except under very special circumstances.
  • 4. Students afflicted by infectious diseases or those who have been exposed to such diseases
  • in their homes, must complete the quarantine period before rejoining school. This should
  • be indicated on the medical certificate