Educating a child is educating a generation. Learning should be a true adventure and life should be directly experienced loved and enjoyed, thus making the students self- disciplined, confident, self motivated and independent life long learners.

The academic curriculum is set as per the syllabus of Central Board Of Secondary Education. The CBSE syllabus is integrated with value based modules and co-curricular activities to ensure the all round development of a child.

Academic Session

The academic session is divided into two terms. The chaitra (April) term begins on pratipada tithi of chaitra and shardiya(October) term begins on pradipada tithi of sharad ritu.

Courses Offered

The School offers courses in all the three streams Science, Commerce, Art and Humanities. At the class 12 level with latest subjects keeping in mind the growing needs of students.

Education System is based an CBSE Patterns with 10+2 system of education
(a) All india secondary school examination at the end of class X (Tenth) (b) The secondary school certificate Examination at the end of class XII

Class to Class VII

There is no formal individual assessment and the lack of it has not hampered or hindered the pursuit of excellence by any one of us. Unthreatened and free from the fear of judgment, children learn, motivated entirely by their curiosity and the joy of discovery. They work on projects and instead of individual assessments these projects culminate in a performance and a display of their scrap work, files and art & craft work. The children are empowered, their confidence level rises and unafraid of embarrassment in front of their teachers or parents, they perform unabashedly with great ease.

Class VIII to Class XII

We conduct regular tests for continuous evaluation throughout the term and two examinations at the end of each term in September and March respectively.


We expect parent to see that their children attend school punctually, regularly and come neatly dressed in the correct school uniform.

  • In the event of any absence they are required to notify the school, giving reasons for the child's absence. If the child is absent on medical grounds, a medical certificate must be produced.
  • We shall arrange regular meetings and orientations in order to keep in close touch with parents. They are expected to cooperate by attending these events faithfully. They can fix appointments with their child's class teacher or subject teachers, should they wish to meet them at other times.
  • Parents are expected to devote a few hours of their time every term to their child's class. They will be invited on specific days to share their knowledge and special skills with all the children in their child's class.
  • Parents are expected to support the school's non-competitive policy, by fostering the same caring and collaborative spirit at home as well.
  • Parents are expected to pay the school fees regularly.